Mechanical Engineering

This course aims to help students learn how to write computer programs in Python to solve engineering problems. The mechanical engineering problems will be the emphasis of this course. This course has two parts. The first part will cover fundamental aspects of computer programming in Python from the engineering point of view including data types, input/ output, structure and control, iterations and function. The second part will cover advanced topics that are essential to solving basic engineering problems such as array operations, object-oriented programming, and the application of various significant libraries used in engineering and scientific computation, including SciPy, Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.

To give an introduction to programming concepts through the use of a high level programming language such as C. The course covers data types, input and output, operations and expressions, programming controls such as while loop, for loop, if else and switch case as well as the structured programming and function.

This course is designed to provide understanding, exposure and knowledge about important aspects in the manufacturing processes and technology and also to provide better understanding of technical and economic factors involved in the manufacturing field. In addition, special topic on Aerospace Metal Forming Technology also included in this course.

This course will cover the introduction to stress and strain concept. Then, shear force and bending moment will be introduced in chapter two. Later, it moves into bending stress and subsequent chapter is torsion. The last two chapters are thin cylinder and stress analysis.


The aim of the subject is to introduce the basic principles of instrumentation and control engineering, mathematical modeling of physical system, analysis of system’s response, analysis of system’s stability, basic control system design using engineering software.

Finite Element Method

Welcome to Finite Element  Module page. My name is Dr. Abdulhafid M Elfaghi, and I am the Coordinator of this module. This module will offer you a unique opportunity to enhance your simulation and modeling knowledge and skills.

Please note that this module requires participation in all topics. Please make sure that you are here with your whole body, mind, and spirit.


Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Muhd Hafeez Bin Zainulabidin

Ir. Dr. Eliza Binti M.Yusup

Prof. Madya Ir. Ts. Dr. Saifulnizan Bin Jamian

Dr. Zaleha Binti Mohamad

Ts. Dr. Abdulhafid M A Elfaghi

Dr. Kamarul-Azhar Bin Kamarudin


Ir. Dr. Sri Yulis Binti M Amin

Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia 

Hi, I'm Hanani.. your instructor in this MOOC course.

The aim of the subject is to introduce the basic principles of Electrical & Electronics Technology