Engineering Technology

To provide the understanding and equip students with basic knowledge about concepts on highway technology, material testing, pavement design, highway construction, pavement maintenance, highway drainage systems, and principles of traffic engineering. Aspects related to traffic engineering including an overview of traffic flow, traffic control, and traffic management shall be covered.

This course introduces students to knowledge and skills in occupational safety and health in the workplace. Scope of study includes Health, Safety and Environment Managements, Risk Management and Assessment, Physical Injury & Controls, Health Hazards, Accident Investigation & Reporting.

Course Learning Outcome(s) :

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

Apply safety and health program to meet the workplace requirements. (LOD 1, PLO1, C3, SK2, SK3, SK4, SP1, SP2, SP3)
CLO 2 Perform safety procedures with the application of personal protective equipment according to the working environment. (LOD 5, PLO 5, P4, SK3, SK6, SP1, SP3, SP4)
CLO 3 Adopt current technique on reporting of accident/incident according to OSHA 1994, FMA 1967 or DOSH requirements. (LOD 15, PLO 8, A3, SK7)
Integrate concept of safety and health program with professionalime and society issues. (LOD 16, PLO 6, A3, SK3, SK6, SK7, SP1, SP5, SP6)

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Course Synopsis

This course will cover the kinematics of particles, kinetics of particles, kinematics of rigid bodies and kinetics of rigid bodies. These essential topics in dynamics will provide students with proficient theoretical and application background in dealing with particles and rigid bodies

This course is for internal use of UTHM students only. Not for sale or profit.

This course will help you to master Onshape (Online Product Development Platform). We will guide you through all the steps in making 3D model from the sketch to the full assembly.