Applied Science and Technology

This course is designed for students to learn the fundamentals as well as advanced topics in Python which covers: Data types: numbers and strings. OS module: getting current working directory, change and create directories, removing files and directories. Collectors: List and tuple. Structures: selection and repetition. Methods: calling method, passing arguments, variable scope, default arguments, return values. Files: open, read and write text files. Object Oriented Programming: Classes, class methods, private properties, setters and getters, inheritance and polymorphism.  Advanced topics include: Graphical User Interface (GUI): creating a window, labels, buttons, entry, text, radio button, check button, label frame, combo box, canvas and menus. Geometry management in GUI: Place Geometry Manager, Grid Geometry Manager. Binding and Events: left, middle and right mouse click events, key events.

This course is designed to understand the knowledge of optical fiber waveguide at fundamental level, essentials of an optical fiber system and understanding of various components of an optical fiber in telecommunication system. The skills and knowledge in fiber optic system is used to solve related problems. The course is predominantly knowledge-based.

Enhance and prepare the students with the knowledge of calculus which is a need in the industrial field and in their career.