Technology Management & Business

This course is to provide basic knowledge about how to conduct time study. concepts in order to increase productivity and quality. This course covers the introduction to time study, use of time study, procedures of conducting time study, time study data analysis, performance rating, method of rating, normal time, allowances, and standard time.

Greeting students!!

Welcome to my class on Entrepreneurship. 

My name is Khadijah Md Ariffin and I will be your lecturer for the next 14 weeks in this fully online course. This course is similar to those of face-to-face course. However the course will require you to spend at least 2 hours to 4 hours per week working on the materials. Materials for learning and activities are provided as well as additional learning materials for your references. 

Course Synopsis:
This course cover various topics related to basic entrepreneurship 
including introduction to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs’ characteristics and motivation, personal financial management, screening business environment and opportunity, formation of business and managing business. Students will also be exposed to real business environment.

Course Learning Outcome:
CLO1 - Apply the concept and importance of entrepreneurship to real world situation. (PLO1, LOD1, C3)
CLO2 - Demonstrate the tools and entrepreneurship process clearly. (PLO3, LOD5, P4)
CLO3 - Choose suitable business idea and process in entrepreneurial activity option for a small business. (PLO10, LOD14, A3)

Assessment Method:
Quiz (CLO1), Test (CLO1), Report (CLO2) & Online business activity (CLO1 & CLO 3).

This course is mainly on how to manage technology in organizations. It covers topics in history of technology management, development of technological capabilities, critical factors in managing technology, management of technology: the new paradigms, technology life cycles, technology management and innovation, business strategy and technology strategy,  components of technology,  technology acquisition and exploitation and technology transfer. The knowledge and understanding in this course will enable you to reap the most from your technology investments made for your operations in the organizations.  This course will also emphasizes on the value of the technology and view technology as important resource in an organization.

The Learning Outcomes for this course are:

1. Differentiate the roles of management and technology management in organizations’ practices

2. Execute teamwork skills into roles and responsibilities in organizations.

3. Relate technology management applications into sustainability concepts in organizations

This course will be assessed through quiz, midterm examinations, project and also final examination.