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Separation engineering technology deals with the scientific and engineering technology principles involved in large-scale separation and purification of chemical products. It is a key component of most chemical engineering programs. Topics covered include distillation column, evaporation, extraction, absorption and humidification.

This course provides the understanding and knowledge of total quality principles and the use of quality tools to enable students to apply the principles of management, design and production in Electronic Industry Automation. This course covers the introduction to quality and the principles of total quality, its relationship to global competitiveness, ethics and culture in quality management, the 7 quality tools, quality function deployment, continuous improvements, benchmarking, ISO and the implementation aspects of total quality.

This course is about basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical system in building.

This course will provide introduce students with the basic knowledge and skills in making bakery and confectionery products, introduce provide knowledge and improve skills in the production of bakery and confectionery products.

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